Welcome to Film Supply UK. We stock and sell 35mm and 120 film for professional photographers based in the UK, Ireland and around the world. So if you require film from Kodak, Ilford or Fujifilm, make your next order with us!

Where to buy 35mm & 120 film online?

Film Supply was launched in 2018, with an aim to provide a quick and easy way for professional and amateur photographers to order film online. We sell a full range of professional grade films from brands like Kodak, Ilford and Fujifilm. We stock a limited range of the most popular professional grade 35mm film and 120 medium format films, this allows us to keep costs low and offer special discounted rates for bulk film purchase. If you are seeking a particular film and don't see it listed online, get in touch, as we can usually source most film stocks for you at a great price.

Shipping Costs

Film Supply is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We stock our film here allowing us to ship film to the UK and Ireland at a competitive price. Shipping within the UK is £2.95. Ireland and the rest of the EU is £6. If your order is over £40 you will receive free shipping to a UK address.